Every community garden needs a few rules to make sure the garden as a whole is healthy and happy. Here are the Constitution, By-Laws and Terms and Conditions of this garden.


  1. The name of the society is AGNES STREET GARDENERS' ASSOCIATION.
  2. The purpose of the Society is to provide non-profit recreational gardening for the personal use of members.


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Terms and Conditions for the Operation of Rented Garden Plots

As amended October 3, 2019

  • The Garden Management Committee will administer the allotment gardens, ensure terms and conditions are adhered to by members and consider recommendations from plot holders.
  • Cancellation of permits due to non-compliance by the plot holder of this agreement will be at the discretion of the Garden Management Committee. After contact by the committee via telephone, email or mail, a date will be given to clean up the plot to the satisfaction of the committee and/or to cease the behavior that violates this agreement. If this is not complied with, the plot holder will forfeit their fee and the plot will then be available for reassignment.
  • Gardeners are required to volunteer and to participate in tasks which pertain to keeping the overall garden site operational to acceptable standards. This includes general site clean-up, common area and road way mowing, upkeep of on-site structures and/or assisting with administration tasks.
    1. A one-time, non-refundable $10 fee is required for membership in the Association, allowing one vote per membership, regardless of the number of plots held and/or the number of family members.
    2. Plots will be leased from the Association for the period of one calendar year (January 1 – December 31) at a rental fee of $60 (subject to annual revision). Rental payment shall be made to the Treasurer before January 1st. After this time, the Association reserves the right to reassign plots without further notice. No plot will be registered to the member, or cultivated, until the annual fee is paid.
    3. New members will be assigned a half plot. Members who are in compliance with the terms and conditions (i.e. plot must be kept in good order throughout the year), can request to exchange their plot for another plot, or request a second half plot, and such requests will be considered before new members on the wait list.
    4. Members may rent a maximum of one full plot or two half plots. Gardeners who were members before these revised terms and conditions may continue to rent their current plots.
    5. Plot inspections will commence on April 15 and weeds must be cut down and under control by this date. Plots not actively in use by May 15 will have the rental permit canceled and the plot will be reallocated.
    6. No plot holder shall let anyone sublet, take over or use their plot without permission from the Agnes Street Gardeners Association executive.
    1. Identification posts (plot numbers) for each plot must be left in position at all times.
    2. Plots must be kept in good order throughout the year. Plot holders must actively garden their plots through the growing season and not allow excessive weed growth, grasses and other invasive plants to grow on their plots. Plots may be cultivated to the limit of the plot area but must not encroach on pathways. Plot holders are not permitted to extend their garden plot beyond the marked boundaries. No digging or cultivation in pathways, as damage to the water system could occur.
    3. Large permanent structures must not be erected on the site, with the exception of supports for perennial berries, etc. Temporary greenhouses, supports and/or structures for beans, peas, sunflowers, etc. are permitted.
    4. All toolboxes must be within the garden plot area. Toolboxes cannot be higher than 3 feet and must have a lid. Cold frames are permitted (glass tops not allowed).
    5. Tires, treated wood and items made of glass must not be used on the garden site.
    6. By October 31st all temporary structures such as greenhouses, hoop houses, cloches, mini-greenhouses, posts, poles, stakes, wire / plastic fences and trellis arrangements must be dismantled. If left on the plot they must be securely stored and laid flat on the ground to be less visible. Members who require temporary structures to support their active winter gardening must submit a written or email request to Garden Management Committee for an exemption on an annual basis. Visibly low impact and low-height fencing required for winter crops (peas, beans, etc) and/or poles required to support winter crops may be approved. Hoop tunnels, mini-greenhouses, cloches, and other shelters that are low profile (under 2.5 feet), low visibility, very sturdy and securely fastened may be approved if required for actively growing winter crops.
    7. Plot holders can no longer dump anything in the ravine or elsewhere on the common areas. All green garden refuse should either be composted on their plots or removed from the property by the plot holder.
    8. Food refuse must be dug in same day, to avoid odors and vermin. Any other composting must be done in a compost box within the confines of the plot, with the exception of mulching material.
    9. Plot holders are responsible for the trimming, clipping and mowing of the pathways around their plots.
    10. The pathways must be maintained with a minimum width of 36 inches to allow access by the lawnmowers.
    11. All plots must be cleaned up by October 31st except for actively growing winter crops or perennials and must be left in a tidy condition so that the general appearance is not offensive.
    12. Plots holders may erect a fence up to 6 feet in height if they are concerned about theft during the winter. However the fence must be either dark in colour or made of wire. The fence must be very securely anchored to prevent it falling over in the winter winds.
  3. WATER
    1. No unattended watering. Please ensure taps are turned off and hose disconnected.
    2. No overnight watering.
    3. Obey municipal water restrictions.
    4. Due to the high cost of water, sprinklers are only permitted in compliance with Capital Regional District water restrictions (these restrictions will be posted on bulletin boards).
    5. To lessen the threat of West Nile virus and mosquito breeding areas, do not leave any standing water in watering buckets or cans, plant pots, etc. Turn them upside down.
    6. In the case of damage to the water system, or apparent leakage, turn off the water supply, if capable, and notify a member of the executive/management committee immediately. Check bulletin boards or inside the shed to see where to turn off water systems.
    1. Mechanical cultivators must not be left on garden plots. Hired cultivators must be supervised/ properly instructed.
    2. The use of Pesticides is not permitted; produce is to be organically grown; the only exceptions allowed are products listed in Schedule A of the Saanich Pesticide Bylaw.
    3. Allotment garden produce must not be sold or offered for sale.
    4. Bringing pets onto the site is not encouraged, but any pet that is brought on shall be kept quiet and securely on a leash at all times. Pet owners will be responsible for cleaning up and removing all pet excrement.
    5. Burning is not permitted at any time.
    6. Planting of perennial shrubs and plants is permitted. Larger plants such as trees are not permitted.
    7. The Agnes Street Gardeners’ Association will not be responsible for loss, damage, or injury to crops, persons, or property within the allotment garden site.
    8. The allotment site must be vacated from sunset to sunrise in the interest of security.
    9. If using heavy trucks or heavy equipment at the garden, please contact a member of the executive or management in advance. The metal bollards on the access roads can be unlocked for such special deliveries.
    10. In the interest of their safety and in respect to fellow gardeners, children must be closely supervised.
    1. All vehicles must be parked in the assigned parking area only. Drop off and pick up is allowed at accessible garden plots.
  6. These terms and conditions may only be changed by vote of the general membership.